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Come ride with East Coast Riding Stable. Experience life in the out doors on horseback
with your own personal tour guide. Take great pictures and make wonderful memories.

East Coast Riding Stable was founded by the manager and owner Andre Edwin since 2004. East Coast Riding Stable is a horseback riding tour company which promises not only a countryside style tour with breathtaking, panoramic views but, also our guest will be informed about the ancient history which unfolded there. East Coast Riding Stable is located at Fond D'Or, Dennery in St.Lucia which is one of the popular historical landmarks. Fond D'Or is well known for its reputation in the days of Slavery when sugar was being produced at this landmark and shipped to England. Today Fond D'or is not only a place with a mountain of history but it is also used to air shows for huge events like Jazz, Greens Energy and other small events.

"Welcome to East Coast Riding Stable. We are honored to have you as our guest whether you are just visiting our website or you are on a actual tour. We will ensure that your riding experience at East Coast Riding Stable will be one that is unforgettable. Please be sure to abide with our regulations. Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable and are open to answer any questions which you may have."         

            "Enjoy your Ride With Us!"


Andre M. Edwin

Owner and Manager

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